The 5 Worst Motorcycle Movie Scenes

Bikers are pretty underserved by the average Hollywood fare.  For every film like ‘Easy Rider’, ‘Akira’ or ‘On Any Sunday’ there are a thousand turkeys, using bikes as props to illustrate who the character is, and generally, it’s not flattering:  Like smoking, movieland sees riding a motorbike as the preserve of the bad guys, the [...]

How to Wrap the Ultimate Present for Bikers

How DO you wrap that all-important Christmas present for the biker in your life? Maybe this video will help… Happy Christmas from everyone at Nara Gear!  Remember – if you live in the UK, you can still order your Nara Gear helmet in time to arrive for Christmas!

Roadp0rn: Teton National Park, Wyoming

Beautiful photograph by Jeff ClowTake me hoooome, country roaaaads, to the plaaace, I beloooong….

Roadp0rn: Zion National Park, Utah

The Wall of Death – Greatest Entertainment Ever?

Since I visited India as a child, I have had a fascination with the Wall of Death.  In my mind they had always evoked an era of motorcycles as revolution and, in combination with the wall, the ultimate symbol of freedom – defying the laws of gravity and nature itself.  So why do we see [...]

Riding Your Motorcycle in Winter Part 3: The Dark

Reduced visibility from rain and fog, early nights and cloudy days… Winter can make danger difficult to see and – even worse – make you difficult to see. Find out how to prepare yourself and your bike in the last of our 3-part Riding Motorcycles in Winter Special.

Riding Your Motorcycle in Winter Part 2: The Cold

Winter cold can get into your bones, making you and other drivers react more slowly and ice will make bikes and cars react differently from normal. Find out what you need to do to be fully prepared for riding your motocycle this Winter

Riding Your Motorcycle in Winter Special – Part 1: The Wet

After my last article on how to store your motorcycle for Winter, I got a flood of messages from people who wanted to keep riding. So here’s the next part of our Winter Special: How to Ride Your Motorcycle in Winter

How to Store Your Motorcycle for Winter

Storing a motorcycle for Winter isn’t as easy as just taking the key out of the ignition for a few months. Read this to learn simple and smart ways to make sure your bike runs as smooth in Spring when you want to hop back on again.

Roadp0rn: The Atlantic Road, Norway

  Beautiful curves, beautiful banks.  Simply stunning.  Might have to plan a trip to Norway in the Spring  :0)